Andrea Božić

Andrea Božić is a choreographer and artist from Croatia, living and working in Amsterdam. Her educational background includes dance, literature, English, film, theatre and media art. In Croatia, she studied modern dance and earned a degree in Comparative Literature and English Language at the University of Zagreb. In the Netherlands, she graduated from the School For New Dance Development and the Amsterdam Master of Choreography (DAS Choreography, 2004), both at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam.

Her work is in-disciplinary and site-responsive and takes form of live performance, installation, constructions for specific locations, collaborations with the weather and night sky and other playful formats. The work reorganizes perception combining conceptual with sensorial and physical, creates paradoxical situations and asks questions about attention and imagination, perception of presence, the politics of viewing, presentation of reality and the organisation and distribution of authorship. All individual projects are part of larger constellations, both within Andrea's own work and her collaborations with others.

Her work has been presented at numerous festivals and venues internationally within the performing and visual arts (Frascati, SPRING, Vooruit, HAU, ImpulsTanz, Reina Sofia Museum, Centre Pompidou Metz, de Appel Arts Centre, a.o.). It was produced by the Frascati from 2003-2012. From 2009-2012, Andrea was artist-in-residence at the International Choreographic Arts Centre Amsterdam (ICK).

She has collaborated with visual artist Julia Willms and sound artist Robert Pravda since 2005 with whom she founded in-disciplinary platform TILT in 2009, to inspire and support artistic practice and thinking beyond disciplines. TILT produces the work in collaboration with other partners since 2013.

With Julia Willms, Andrea has been developing Spectra - Space as Organism, a long term artistic practice and research into attention and space and how their organisation affects our sense of embodiment, emergent realities and infrastructures. Spectra incorporates the larger space and the audience's presence in it as part of the work - there is no position outside. We are not in the space but we are space. Spectra has its base at the Spectra | Studio in Marci Panis, Amsterdam and from there it emerges on a pletora of architectural, virtual and imaginary locations.

Together with Nicole Beutler and Marijke Hoogenboom, Andrea is co-initator and curator of We Live Here: AnAcademy, an artistic exchange platform that takes place in Amsterdam annualy since 2011. With Nicole Beutler and Keren Levi, she has initiated and curated three editions of the Come Together Festival. She is one of the co-founders of BAU - platform for dance and performance Amsterdam.

Andrea has collaborated with many artists, most notably with Ivana Muller, presented frequently at conferences and symposia, published texts about her work and given workshops and co-organised artistic labs internationally (Royal Academy of Art The Hague, ArteZ Master of Theatre Practices, Banff Arts Centre, Zagreb Dance Centre, a.o.).

From 2012-2015, Andrea was mentor at the DAS Choreography and since 2012 she is tutor at DAS Theatre, both MA programmes at the DAS Graduate School, Academy for Theatre and Dance Amsterdam. Since 2016, Andrea is researcher at DAS Research.