The Cube

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By Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

Audio-visual installation for a white cube, 28.21 min loop, HD, colour, sound, 2015

To see an excerpt from the installation as documented in the actual space, click here

The Cube is an audio-visual installation, an immersive environment for a white cube where the entire room is part of the work. It combines the architectural and other attributes of the location with a digital video projection inserted into it that visually extends the room to create a hybrid space. The room continuously transforms through a series of slow cross-fades, bringing weather conditions, spectacular natural landscapes and animals into the standardized whitecube.

The Cube is a moving sculpture, a choreography of gaze, a performance of space, in which the point of view of the spectator and their relationship to the viewed constantly shift without them ever leaving the spot they are standing in.

The Cube is part of Spectra: Light Like A Bird, Not Like A Feather constellation.

The Cube is based on a series of paradoxes.The scale of a landscape or a snail is modified to fit the same cube, so everything is too big or too small. The room itself changes and, in the opposite movement of bringing outside spaces in, the visitor is moved, with the white cube they are in, on top of a mountain or into a huge aquarium. Organic matter of the nature brought into the room is combined with the inorganic matter of the architectural space. In their encounter, the room acquires properties of the organic and behaves as an organism.

The viewer becomes part of the organism by their physical presence and the inner movement of the gaze and attention. The room feels like an emotional state, evoked artificially but nevertheless real and familiar, like somewhere we used to know but have forgotten. The Cube draws one’s attention into a double movement combining theatrical and cinematic. One is both here in the space of the cube and is at the same time somewhere else, in the images of other spaces. The gaze shifts between the two, making the experience feel like both internal and external. One is here and is at the same time elsewhere. Inside is outside is inside.

The Cube was originally made as part of the solo exhibition Spectra: Li ght Like A Bird, Not Like A Feather which included a series of works (performative, audio walk, installation) that together created one space and were in dialogue with each other. The works can be combined in different constellations for each new space they are presented in.

Spectra is a long term project by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms that engages with the space it appears in as an organism and part of the artwork.

The Cube dimensions: depending on the size of the space; the video projection is fitted to one whole wall of the room (dimensions of the previous versions: 5 x 3m and 9 x 3,90 m). The work is site-sensitive and adjusted to the location it is presented in.


Concept, filming, sound and installation: Andrea Božić and Julia Willms; Animation and editing: Julia Willms

Originally presented as part of Spectra: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather at the Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna Art Foundation, Austria, 6-26 November 2015.