The Passenger

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Construction, audio walk, 17 min

By Andrea Božić

The Passenger is a construction for a passageway that leads from one street to another, passing through a series of passages and inner courtyards. One is always outside, in a public space, in a semi-street, but at the same time one is inside, in a courtyard or an arched passage.


For The Passenger, one puts a set of headphones on and walks through the passageway listening to the voiceover of a person who passed here before. It is a poem for the passage, a meditation on the experience of passing, the state of being a passenger, a passer-by, a vagabond. An invitation to remain a passenger forever, to stop going from one place we know to the other, to stay in the space where we do not know yet where we are, where we can be passengers to each other, to let the spaces we do not know call us to themselves. It takes a fragment of a world as part of the work and adds neither a fiction, nor an instruction - but a poetic contemplation to it, drawing attention to it and to one’s presence in this act of passing.

The Passenger is adjusted to the architectural construction it is presented in.

A passage is a space in-between spaces. A no man’s land. It is not a space. It is a passage. An arcade. A tunnel. A cave. A womb. Here I am a traveller. A hunter. A spy. A migrant. A voyeur. There are other passengers around. We are passengers to each other.

It could happen that we stay in the passage forever. We would keep travelling. We would keep passing. The passage might take us someplace we do not know yet. We would keep travelling to go places we do not know yet. Places we do not know yet what they are. We would keep passing to go places where we do not know yet who we are there.

The Passenger is part of Spectra: Light Like A Bird, Not Like A Feather constellation. Spectra is a long term project by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms that engages with the space it appears in as an organism and part of the artwork.


Text, voice, recording and editing: Andrea Božić

Originally presented as part of Spectra: Light Like a Bird, Not Like a Feather at the Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Vienna Art Foundation, Austria, a solo-exhibition by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms, 6-26 November 2015.