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Performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

PoroCity is a performance as a journey – a physical and imaginal passage through a theatre or another location based on mapping dreams into a real location. The audience is a flâneur, physically moving through a number of spaces - the stage/open spaces, the backstage passages and the surrounding spaces, and at the same time enter the imaginal space of the dreamscape. In their overlap, a third space emerges - an intermingled web of the real and virtual worlds. The performance incorporates each new location it is presented in as part of its material.


For PoroCity, we have been collecting dreams and weaving them into a larger dream narrative. In the performance, the audience follows two performers (Dreamers) who map the dream narrative into space here and now, incorporating both the architecture and history of the location, the audience and the passers by into the dream. The dream space, the architecture and the digital space merge into one.

PoroCity is a performance as a tool to activate our imaginal, to re-enchant with the world, shift our gaze towards it and imagine other possible narratives. PoroCity combines performance, film, architecture, visual art, attention exercise and will premiere in Amsterdam in March 2018 on a special location in collaboration with Frascati.

Tour: The Passage - Epicosde 1 (Research): 10/11 November 2016, Frascati Theatre Amsterdam (NL), Walk on Water 14 June 2017, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain; 2018 dates coming up!


Concept, script, filming and video installation: Andrea Božić and Julia Willms; Performers: Margo van de Linde and tbc; Light design: Vinny Jones: Sound: Robert Pravda; Manager and production: Marieke van Beuren Technician: Paul Beumer;