Walk On Water

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Performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

Walk On Water is a performance based on mapping dreams into architectural spaces. It combines three interrelated dreams dreamt by Orion Maxted, Julia Willms and an unknown dreamer, each featuring the element of water. Orion's dream appears to have been a precognitive dream of a large tidal wave and Julia dreamt her water dream the night after hearing Orion's.

Walk On Water is part of the PoroCity project, a performance in which we collect dreams – our own and other people’s nighttime dreams and daytime projections – and map and weave them into narratives of spaces. The performance is a literal and metaphorical journey through a labyrinth of spaces in and around the Reina Sofia Museum that is both internal and external at the same time.

Walk On Water is part of a larger performance project PoroCity which will premiere in 2018.

Concept, choreography, spatial design and performance Andrea Božić and Julia Willms With many thanks to Mala Kline who introduced us to her dream practice. With many thanks to the dreamers Orion Maxted and Julia Willms