Spectra Studio Opening: The Cube, the Salon and the Aquarium


Spectra | Studio Opening

Friday, 8 September 2017 at 19.00 hrs

Marci Panis, Marcusstraat 52 | 1D, Amsterdam

The Cube, the Salon and the Aquarium

Let us gather in a Cube – a hollow symmetrical three-dimensional shape with six equal sides.

Let us gather in a Salon – A (with)drawing room in a house where guests assemble and may be entertained.

Let us gather in an Aquarium - a glass-sided tank in which living organisms are kept for exhibit or study.

Let us gather in an Aquaculon.


The Cube, The Salon and the Aquarium is the first Spectra | Salon in the series of evenings we are hosting this autumn. We open up our studio to explore the porous and fluid spaces we inhabit, produce, embody, imagine, adapt to, demolish, deconstruct and share.

Artists: Carsten Becker, Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

Spectra – space as an organism is a long term artistic practice and research into the attention and space and how their organisation affects our sense of embodiment, emergent realities and infrastructures by choreographer Andrea Božić and visual artist Julia Willms with Spectra | Studio as its base.

A building is a slowly unfolding event.

Ingredients of the evening:

The Cube – an immersive audio-visual installation for a room

Undoing What We Know |I  – attention and space exercise

Paper Architecture – paintings

And more

Opening 19.00-23.00

Performative intervention at 20.00


Produced by TILT. Spectra | Salons are made possible by the financial contribution of the Gemeente Amsterdam / Stadsdeel Oost. Supported by Marci Panis.

Route: http://marcipanis.nl/wordpress/contact

Check our FB page (www.facebook.com/TiltIndisciplinaryArtPlatform/) for the dates of the two other upcoming Spectra | Salons in October and November